About Us

Arabhardware is one of the biggest tech communities in the Middle East region, started back in 2002 with a focus on adding rich content in Arabic in fields like Software, Hardware, and gaming.

Arabhardware owns a plethora of online channels, among these channels, there is an online website, a forum, and newsletters which combined reach 2 million Arabic users per month ... Arabhardware runs its operations from Cairo, Egypt, and Dubai, UAE.

Our vision for AHW Store

Arabhardware strives to give its audience the best possible value, our vision is to give Gamers and content creators all over the Middle East the ability to have a custom pre-built PCs with everything configured and ready to run from the get-go ... all you need to do is just plug and play.

We are harnessing our experience in the computer hardware field that we gained over the course of the last two decades to give you the best PC cases for every use case scenario.

Our pre-built pcs are all customizable to give you the freedom to choose the storage solutions that best suits you.

We test and benchmark all of the builds before it's shipped to our customers, which guarantees the best experience and reliability in each build.