Warranty Agreement

Arabhardware store guarantees that any PC you purchase from us will always be working and in a perfect condition with adequate performance as shown in the benchmarking tab under any build you purchase.

Arabhardware store provides direct warranty for certain products that will be labeled on the purchase page and in the documentation included with the purchased hardware.

The warranty will only be valid with the serial number intact and not altered or removed, Arabhardware store reserves the right to invoke the warranty in case of any removal of the serial number.

Arabhardware's liability is limited to repairing or replacing damaged parts of the purchased hardware or compensating the customer with another product with an equivalent value in case of unavailability of a replacement product.

The warranty is completely voided in the following cases:

  • Tampering with the product or trying to disassemble it, or fixing the product in any unauthorized repair center.
  • Overclocking any component beyond its base clock or the attempt to overvolt, undervolt it causing failure due to running beyond specified specs.
  • Any failure caused by power instability or using low-quality power cords or cables.
  • Natural causes that are beyond our control such as floods, lightning, earthquakes, alien invasion, or any other cause that is beyond human control.
  • Operating the components in extreme conditions like extreme temperatures, high moisture levels.

Please make sure to back up the data on the data drive and any other storage device in the product before you ship the product to us or before you replace a part. Remove any confidential or personal information and removable media such as CDs or DVDs. Arabhardware store is not responsible for any of your confidential or personal information; lost or corrupted data, or damaged or lost removable media.

Arabhardware store provides additional premium warranty plans the can be purchased with any build for an additional cost and includes the following benefits:

  • Instant replacement for products.
  • Free shipping on the products.
  • Free remote access technical support.

These additional warranty packages can be bought for a period of one year, two years, or three years from the checkout page.